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Our EMS experience began in 1981.
PRINTOR’s core business is the contract manufacturing of electronic components,
including PCB production, electronic component mounting, testing, and picking and packing components.
PRINTOR is a one-stop location for these services in the very heart of Poland.

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End-to-end electronic manufacturing services is PRINTOR’s business

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We can manufacture PCBs.

PRINTOR manufactures printed circuit boards.

We offer a choice of single-sided and double-sided PCBs, and we can even deliver multilayer PCBs. PRINTOR handles every order on an individual basis, and delivers optimized manufacturing documentation. 100% of PRINTOR PCBs pass electrical testing.


płytka PCB

We provide automatic component assembly

SMT component assembly

PRINTOR utilises assembly equipment featuring high mounting precision. All electronic component assembly operations are confined to ESD zones, in compliance with IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies.

SMT assembly

montaż SMT powierzchniowy

We provide THT assembly

THT and manual assembly processes

Our THT Section includes solder wave systems, hand assembly work stations and selective soldering units. This section also produces protective coatings, as well as undertaking functional tests and final assembly of manufactured devices.

THT assembly

Montaż przewlekany THT

Component handling

We can purchase the components required for your project, or store and manage your components.

PRINTOR can handle complete deliveries of all the components essential to your assembly project. If you need to entrust us with all or some of the essential components, PRINTOR will handle them with the utmost care.

Component handling

We provide all the required tests

From AOI to ionic purity and functional tests.

Here at PRINTOR we understand that without testing, it is difficult to estimate the usability of the best designs. PRINTOR provides a wide selection of tests for PCBs and finished electronic devices. We do all of this according to your instructions.


News & tech knowledge

News about PRINTOR, its operations and processes

2019 February

Certified by Achilles Power & Tech Community

PRINTOR is happy to announce that from October 2018 it is a Certified Supplier for Achilles Power & Tech …read more

2019 January

The success of PRINTOR’s customers makes us proud!

Struss Audio Sp. z o.o. has been in business for 40 years. Struss Audio manufactures audio equipment for the most exacting audiophiles. PRINTOR is extremely pleased to have been working with Struss Audio for several years now …read more

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