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Our quality

High quality guaranteed
since 1981

The quality we have developed is the result of nearly 40 years of experience as an electronics manufacturer. It is a period of continuous effort put into the development of our team, improvement of procedures and the expansion of our machine park. Our goal is to provide Customers with products of the highest quality that meet the expectations of their business.

We focus on precision and repeatability, which is why our products undergo multi-stage quality verification, from electrical control to functional tests, and the entire electronics production process is conducted in accordance with the Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) certified by the recognized TÜV Management Service GmbH organization.

All this means that we take full responsibility for the quality of our products. Go to the Our Quality section and learn more details.

We ensure timeliness

Delays in delivery can have a significant impact on your business. First of all, they increase operating costs. In addition, they pose a risk to the image of your company and products. That is why we know the importance of timely deliveries. For us it is a key element of cooperation, which is why we have been developing organizational procedures for years and thanks to that we are able to boast of 96% punctuality, implementing over a thousand different products annually.

How do we do it? The entire electronics manufacturing process takes place in one location and is carefully planned, and transparent to the client. The suppliers we work with have passed a rigorous selection procedure, which increases the certainty that the production stages will not be disturbed. We verify the progress of works on an ongoing basis so that you can expect the product delivery always on time.

For us, punctuality is a commitment. Go to the Our Quality section and learn more details.

Benefits for your company

Why work with us?

Individual approach to your business and understanding the product specifics is a key step for us to successful cooperation. As electronics manufacturer we are ready to support you in the preparation and selection of the best offer and business model.

We provide all necessary services in one place: PCB production, SMT assembly, THT assembly, testing, storage and others. Therefore we take off your shoulders the burden of coordinating individual suppliers. The final effect is the product your business needs: meeting the highest quality standards, delivered within the prescribed period.

We value building lasting, long-term cooperation based on trust and a partnership approach, which is why we are open to auditing and presenting the production process. Come and see how we work! We are proud of this and our Customers have appreciated our methods for years.

We invite you to cooperate with us.

How do we maintain such high quality?


We work in accordance with ISO, IPC, IEC standards. We comply with UL and RoHS standards.
As few in the industry, we are able to control the ionic purity of production.
Go to the “Our Quality” section and find out the details.


Years of experience have given us the opportunity to improve the process and implement appropriate procedures, while new challenges allow us to develop them on an ongoing basis. Thanks to the fact that the manufacturing process is completely measurable and when described by objective indicators, we can verify it at every stage.


Our Customer Service Department is at your disposal at every stage of cooperation. We also invite you to an audit, visit us and see how we work.
You can monitor your orders in the Customer Panel.


We work for many industries

IT and telecommunications
Industrial electronics
Medical sector
Consumer electronics

They trusted us


Interview with CEO – Krzysztof Torczyński

On November 12th-15th, 2019, we participated in the Munich Productronica fair. It was a great opportunity to share observations on trends, challenges and opportunities on the contract electronics manufacturing market. Philip Stoten spoke for EMSNOW with Printor CEO, Krzysztof Torczyński. We invite you to watch the video clip from this meeting.

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