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Box Building as part of comprehensive electronics manufacturing

Box Building, or final assembly. Both of these terms refer to a single process by which electronic components and assemblies are attached to enclosures. Box Building is an additional service provided as part of comprehensive electronics manufacturing. What does it consist of and is it worth outsourcing to an EMS provider?

More and more customers outsourcing the manufacture of electronic components are looking for suppliers that offer comprehensive services. Why? Because the broader the offer, the greater the chance that the process from start to finish can be entrusted to a single company. And working with a single supplier reduces costs, shortens the supply chain and optimizes the time spent coordinating activities, among other things.

One of the additional services provided as part of comprehensive manufacturing is the final assembly of electronics. What does it consist of?

Box Building – definition and scope of services

Box Building is the mounting of finished circuit boards or other electronic components into a target enclosure. Housings are made of either plastic or metal depending on the type of end product.

In addition to this, final assembly of electronics can also include building complete electronic devices from customer-supplied components, applying markings, and screwing on mechanical components and attaching wires.

When the assembly is complete, the finished products are either packed in shipping boxes or immediately in commercial packaging. Each time, they should be carefully secured so that they are not damaged during transportation.

What are the advantages of Box Building?

What makes Box Building gain in popularity? Customers appreciate the option to contract this type of assembly. The reasons for this include:

  • cost reduction,
  • reduced number of contractors contributing to the final product,
  • possibility of designing an assembly concept,
  • a chance to unleash its own production resources,
  • reduced overall production time.

Comprehensive electronics manufacture and final assembly

The same advantages are mentioned when talking about commission-based contract manufacturing of electronics. Often added to these is the chance to have access to a high-quality technological process – with small and medium-sized companies – and the ability to focus on business instead of coordinating the work of several contractors.

What services does contract electronics manufacturing include?

Contract electronics manufacturer – bet on full outsourcing

Why do companies choose to work with contract electronics manufacturers? Because by outsourcing to one company the complete production of components along with box building, they can focus on their business, growth, sales policy or marketing. They do not have to worry about whether the first manufacturer will make it in time so that the second manufacturer, who is to carry out the electronics assembly, will be able to start work on schedule.

Having to coordinate the activities of several suppliers usually involves stress that can be avoided. When a contract electronics manufacturer is used, all the responsibility for the production process falls on them. The customer is the only one who contacts him; he is the one who has to see to the deadlines, ensure quality and in case of problems respond quickly to fulfill the contract.

In order for the production process to truly run smoothly, it is important to choose an EMS provider well. Before you make a decision, you need to factor in the following:

The selection of a supplier should be treated as an investment – you spend time finding information and evaluating, but this will give you confidence that the prepared components will be of the highest quality, and contact with company representatives will be smooth. It is worth it, because the reliability of electronic components determines the performance of the target devices and thus the positive rating of the manufacturer.