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THT Assembly

The ability to replace a wheel in a car may be useful at the least expected moment. Spare wheel is worth buying, especially if you are a driver. What about soldering? We don’t often have to disassemble electrical devices to improve pins, or even prepare a PCB for the equipment we have designed and assembled. Regardless of that, these are the skills that we want to have as a Printor Customer Service Office!

The history of our company is almost 40 years of continuous development. Throughout this time we have expanded our machine park, the scope of activities and, most importantly, the competences of our team. Continuous development, gaining knowledge and acquiring new skills are very important to us, which is why as a company we focus on training. Employees whose primary duty is to work with PCBs and assembly, undergo periodic training in the field of best work practices, safety and standards, but not only that. Until now, they also had the opportunity to develop in the field of improving the quality of service and effective ways of communication.

Let’s get back to soldering. Although not every employee in his daily work has contact with the soldering table, we want everyone to know how to do it. That is why we invited people working in the Customer Service Office to the training in the area of through-hole assembly. A thorough understanding of the topic means better understanding of Customer needs.

We believe that continuous development gives one the opportunity to look from a broader perspective, which is why we invest in our team, train it to continuously move forward.

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