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Contract electronics assembly – is such outsourcing worthwhile?

Many companies choose to outsource some of their processes instead of investing in the development of their own structures and resources. The most common is outsourcing of IT, accounting, sales support or marketing processes. What, in this case, does the issue of outsourcing production processes look like? Is it possible to implement such a solution, and if so, is it profitable at all? And finally: is it not too problematic? These and many other questions are answered in this article.

Outsourcing of production processes in electronics assembly – possibilities

When considering outsourcing electronics installation, we need to analyze the potential benefits it can provide. By using such a solution:

Contract electronics assembly – how to choose a service provider?

There are many service providers on the market, but once we take into account specific, rather stringent evaluation criteria, it turns out that there are really only a few good EMS partners available. So which should be taken into consideration?

Contract electronics assembly – types of assembly

There are two electronics assembly technologies available in the market – surface mount SMT and through-hole THT. The first one is based on automatic placement of components on the board surface after the solder paste is applied through a stencil and then goes through an oven and AOI inspection. SMT assembly is perfect for small size and mass produced components. It guarantees excellent precision and full repeatability. THT assembly, so-called through-hole assembly, consists of putting the legs of the component through the appropriate holes in the board and soldering them on the other side. Joining can be done manually, “in waves” – using a machine or by spraying. In the case of this method, the disadvantages will be the time and cost of implementation, which definitely exceeds the cost of SMT assembly. Therefore, it is worth taking this into account when designing electronics – so that the final product is attractive to sell on the market.

For this reason, we offer one of the most efficient assembly methods, namely SMD assembly. The commissioned production process takes place in this case in an automated mode, i.e. repeatable, and is characterized by very high quality.

SMT assembly benefits include:

👉 See what your company can gain by outsourcing fully contracted electronics assembly.
When you choose full service outsourcing, you’ll be able to focus on what you know best with peace of mind, and delegate a portion of your business to a trusted EMS partner.

👉 Full outsourcing concerns all production processes
– from production documentation to PCB production, assemblies, additional services and finished product delivered to a specified location.

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