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When choosing an electronics supplier the majority of decision makers are guided by the price of a specific service. It is very important, however, it is also useful to reflect on other components affecting the order that translate into a real cost of the order. Quality and timeliness are factors which definitely affect the level of costs and at the same time promote a reliable image of the company which uses high quality subassemblies in its products.

Electronics manufacturing – comprehensive or single services?

When deciding to outsource a service which is electronics manufacturing it is worth thinking about what offer will be most beneficial for us. If we are looking for a single service it is worth focusing on prices of particular offers of the companies which offer the service we are looking for. However, if we want to outsource more than one service it is worth looking for such a company which bets on comprehensive solutions because it will reduce the total costs of the entire undertaking. How?

Polish electronics manufacturers rely on two business models – focusing on a specific service, such as SMT assembly, or choosing to offer comprehensive printed circuit board manufacturing services (from PCB manufacturing to final assembly).

Comprehensive electronics manufacturing has many advantages and the Polish electronics manufacturers focusing on this models opt for such features as quality and timeliness of supplies which are regarded as a necessity and thanks to which the final product meets the customer’s expectations. The advantages of comprehensive offer include:

Printed circuit board manufacturing

When ordering PCBs, i.e. printed circuit boards, every customer focuses on three things: service price, quality and timeliness. In case of companies offering a comprehensive offer, printed circuit boards are manufactured inside the company so you can be certain that when following appropriate procedures and monitoring the production process a final product will meet the highest qualitative requirements. Printed circuit board manufacturing may include manufacture of one-, two- or multi-layer boards (up to 18 layers). Preparation of CAD, FR4 base, ALU or other are only exemplary elements of printed circuit board manufacturing. It is worth mentioning that a reliable electronics manufacturer always performs electric tests of manufactured printed circuit boards so that the customer has a guarantee of product quality.

High standards the company offers with a comprehensive service are main reasons to choose just such a manufacturer instead of single suppliers. Quality and timeliness which translate directly into the customer are main factors which can be taken into consideration when choosing a concrete electronics manufacturer. So, first of all, it is worth looking at these two aspects, then thinking about the price which, if quality and timeliness are not met, may prove much higher than at a very stage of choosing between single suppliers and these ones with a comprehensive offer.

We are pleased to cooperate with manufacturers looking for partners in the field of contract electronics manufacturing.

smt assembly

comprehensive offer of electronics manufacturing –pcb manufacture, smt assembly, tht assembly, tests and additional services

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