Who we are

End-to-end electronic manufacturing services is PRINTOR’s business. PRINTOR provides complete services in PCB manufacturing and electronic assembly. PRINTOR can pick and pack components, assemble electronic devices and provide electronic testing. PRINTOR is a one-stop location for these services in the very heart of Poland. PRINTOR can provide customers with finished, tested and properly packed products on time and meeting the customer’s project specifications.

The PRINTOR difference

PRINTOR understands that proper manufacturing quality and on-time delivery are critical to your business. Therefore PRINTOR works to keep its business operations under control. What does this mean?.


PRINTOR’s services comply with the applicable ISO, IPC and IEC standards and meet the UL and RoHS requirements. PRINTOR is one of very few vendors capable of controlling ionic purity in its manufacturing processes. Learn more by clicking “Quality”.


The standard operating procedures at the PRINTOR facilitate quick trouble detection, analysis and prevention. Each problem encountered by PRINTOR is thoroughly measured and followed by a risk and opportunity analysis to deliver valid preventive and improvement measures.

An open approach

PRINTOR’s Customer Support is here to help you at all stages of your project. Want to audit PRINTOR? By all means: visit us and see how we work. Each order you place with PRINTOR is processed in a system that you can access remotely through the Customer Panel. The Customer Panel provides you with the current status of your order and the stock levels of the components you need.

Everything that PRINTOR does is driven by a single essential objective: we want our customers to feel safe and have every order delivered according to the quality and the time they expect.

The PRINTOR story

PRINTOR has 35 years of experience in the business. It all began in 1981 when Tomasz Torczyński established a company specializing in the design and production of industrial controllers. PRINTOR is now a limited liability company with a staff of over 120, and plans to expand with more assembly and mounting lines. Here is a selection of PRINTOR’s milestones:

  • 1981
    Tomasz Torczyński establishes a company specializing in the design and production of industrial controllers

  • 1990
    PCB production is launched

  • 1998
    SMT is implemented in processing

  • 2002
    THT is added to the manufacturing services

  • 2005
    ISO 9001 certification from TÜV Süd

  • 2006
    Relocation to a new site
    (2000m2 of usable floor area)

  • 2007
    RoHS compliant lead-free manufacturing processes are launched

  • 2011
    PRINTOR becomes a medium enterprise
    (50+ employees)

  • 2012
    PRINTOR changes its legal form to
    PRINTOR Sp. z o.o., a limited liability company

  • 2016
    The site is expanded to 2800m2
    of usable floor area

  • 2018
    The staffing increases to 120+ employees


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