Contract manufacturing

End-to-end electronic assembly service is the core business of PRINTOR. PRINTOR delivers tested, packaged and finished products, true to the customer’s specifications.
This one-stop shop project delivery process means no more dealing with multiple contractors and tedious quality traceability issues between different vendors.
Depending on individual project specifications, PRINTOR can provide:

  • PCB production
  • Automatic SMT assembly
  • Manual assembly (THT or mechanical mounting)
  • Component handling (picking and/or storage)
  • Testing (of PCBs and finished devices)
  • Complementary services (including wiring work and prototyping)

The benefits of cooperation with contract vendors


You are dealing with a single vendor only; all quotes, order processing and delivery matters are handled at a ‘one-stop shop’ location. This means your team has more time and labour available for other tasks.


In most projects, the lead time for the finished product project is greatly reduced: PRINTOR provides project delivery services which include multiple project stages processed in parallel to optimise the production process for the best utilization of time buffers


Quality assurance: it is the contract vendor’s job to care for the best quality of every service component and to be responsible for the finished product you receive.


PRINTOR continuously improves its production processes to minimize all faults. We understand that it is difficult eliminate them completely. With an end-to-end project service, PRINTOR remains liable for the whole product it delivers, backed by a commercial warranty.

Production cycle

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See the service stages:

Automatic SMT assembly

Manual assembly (THT)

Component handling



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