Custom PCBs

Most of the printed circuits offered by PRINTOR come from proprietary production, which means full control over the PCB preparation processes and full customization of the PCB parameters. PRINTOR maintains the quality of PCBs at the maximum levels attainable.

The PCB production process includes these stages:

  • CAD work
  • Single and double-sided PCBs
  • Multilayer PCBs (up to 18 layers per wafer)
  • Flexible circuit boards
  • FR4, CEM, Kapton, and aluminium substrates
  • Cutting and milling
  • HAL (Pb/RoHS) and gold plating
  • Peelable coatings
  • Electrical testing (on 100% of PCBs)


Electronic design engineering services are available on special request.


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Processing capabilities

A brief explanation of the manufacturing technologies underpinning PRINTOR services, including PCBs and mounting.

Processing capabilities

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Automatic SMT assembly

Manual assembly (THT)

Component handling



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