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As a contract electronics manufacturer, we will provide custom orders for your company: PCB boards (production of printed circuit boards), SMT assembly (automatic SMT assembly), THT assembly (manual assembly), component handling, assembly and / or storage, testing of PCBs and finished devices. In addition, we provide additional services, e.g. wire processing, prototyping.

As your partner and electronics supplier, we will help you solve any problems so that you achieve the intended results. We support your business at every stage of cooperation, because our goal is long-term cooperation. You provide the documentation and we hand over the finished product to you.

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PCB Production

The printed circuits we offer are mostly manufactured by us. Production process is defined by strict procedures and constantly monitored by qualified staff. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the final product we provide will meet the needs of your business.

SMT Surface Assembly

We have three SMT assembly lines, thanks to which we can realize both high-volume and smaller-scale orders by optimizing production. Modern technologies that we use allow to obtain excellent production precision while maintaining high flexibility and adapting to the client’s design.

THT through-hole Assembly

THT assembly takes place in a department equipped with automatic devices facilitating the placement and processing of component pins, wave soldering machines and manual soldering stations. We also have selective soldering equipment in RoHS and Pb technology.

Supply Management – Component Handling

To meet the expectations of our Customers, we have created an organizational system that allows to save time, reduce the cost of purchasing semi-finished products, as well as to improve work at individual stages of production. Depending on the client’s expectations, we can provide a set of components necessary to complete the order or work on components sent by the client. If necessary, our technologists advise on the selection of the optimal set of intermediates or can recommend substitutes.


As part of the production process, we carry out a number of tests to detect potential weak points of the system. We make sure that the products that leave our factory are of high quality, which is why testing takes a significant place at all stages of the order.

Additional services

In addition to the above-mentioned services, we also offer:

  • Traceability
  • Wire processing
  • Component handling
  • Prototyping

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