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PCB Manufacturing – as a part of a comprehensive electronics production

We manufacture printed circuits in-house. Production process is defined by strict procedures and constantly monitored by qualified staff. Having complete knowledge of the entire process the final product we provide meets the requirements of your business.

PCB Manufacturing – serial production with assembly

Printed circuit production includes:

  • CAD preparation
  • single, double sided and multilayer boards (up to 18 layers)
  • flexible circuits
  • FR4, CEM, kapton, aluminum
  • V-cutting, milling
  • HAL (RoHS / Pb), gold plating
  • peelable mask
  • electrical tests (covered for 100% of boards)

PCB manufacturing – compliance with high standards

As an electronics manufacturer, we have been on the market for several decades. The entire production process and implementation of our customers’ orders is carried out in accordance with the standards and requirements of IPC-A-600. Each panel manufactured by us is subject to strict control and electrical tests.

Additional EMS services

As additional services we offer:

  • Programming
  • Covering finished products with varnish or protective fillers
  • Functional tests
  • Final assembly of devices
  • Consulting of our team of technologists

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PCB manufacturing – machinery park

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