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SMT assembly – contract services

We specialize in contract SMD assembly in the range of serial orders. The fast development of the electronics industry and devices requires the most effective methods of electronics assembly, which is smt assembly. The modern technology that we use allows us to achieve of perfect production precision, while maintaining high flexibility and adapt to the customer’s design.

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The state-of-art SMT line for the large needs of your company – high-speed volume production

ASM brand SMT line, IPC performance reaches 48,500 CPH – includes the following devices:

  • Solder paste printer: ASM – DEK NeoHorizon 03 iX
  • Solder paste inspection (SPI): ASM – ProcessExpert
  • Pick & Place: ASM – SIPLACE SX
  • Reflow oven: Vitronics Soltec – CENTURION 1130
  • Optical inspection (3D AOI): OMRON – VT-S530

We guarantee that you will receive a product that meets your expectations in 100%.

Thanks to cooperation with us, you can fully automate this production stage of your product. You can flexibly increase quantities and at the same time lower your production costs while maintaining the same high quality. Such advantages are offered by the SMT contract surface assembly service.

Comprehensive and additional services

As part of the contract SMT assembly services, will you need other services? See what else we can do for you:

Experienced and well-cooperated team – SMT assembly – contract services of the highest quality.

Even a fully automated production process requires management by an experienced team of people, all in order to obtain the best parameters in the production of your product!

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We work on the best surface mount devices

  • ASM – top equipment
  • ProcessExpert intelligent solder paste control (SPI)
  • Total repeatability and maximum precision
  • AOI 3D optical control
  • Traceability

Assembleon line – IPC performance reaches 27,000 CPH

This line includes the following devices:

  • Solder paste printers: DEK Infinity
  • Soldering furnace: Vitronics Soltec – REHM VXs basic 3150

Individual approach to your project

The SMT assembly department and other production departments have strong support from our engineering staff. We analyze each project thoroughly, both at the NPI stage and after the first pilot batch. We make sure that all assumptions and expected parameters are fully compliant.

SMT Assembly – machinery park

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