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Electronic tests

As part of the production process, we carry out a number of tests to detect potential weak points of the system. We make sure that the products that leave our factory are of high quality, so testing takes a significant part.

Electronic tests – guarantees reliability

As part of cooperation, we carry out for you:

  • Electrical testing of printed circuits
  • AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
  • Ion purity test (Ionograph)
  • In Circuit Test (ICT)
  • Functional tests

Grow your business – ensuring the highest quality of your products

Electronic tests in the contract manufacturing of electronics (EMS) play a very important role. The production of electronics must also provide a guarantee of product reliability, so that the final product meets all functional assumptions. It is very important to keep your customers’ trust on the highest level.

Additional EMS services

As additional services we offer:

  • Programming
  • Covering finished products with varnish or protective fillers
  • Functional tests
  • Final assembly of devices
  • Consulting of our team of technologists

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See the tests we offer. Quality control is an investment that guarantees reliability of your products.

Electrical testing of PCBs

Electrical testing verifies that the PCBs are free from breaks and short-circuits. It is based on testing the path resistance between specific test points and leakage resistance between each circuit path and the paths in the vicinity. The high precision and efficiency of production are backed by the latest processing machines: A5 Neo Flying Probe from ATG and PROBOT 880-05 from Mania Technologie.

AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)

AOI is our standard verification of finished SMT quality by visual inspection of the components mounted on a PCB. The feed output by a digital camera sweeping the PCB under scrutiny is compared with the reference images of properly mounted electronic components. The AOI software package detects missing and incorrectly mounted components, as well as assembly and soldering defects. This operation involves 3D measurement using Moore effect.

Ionic contamination testing (Ionograph)

During ionic contamination control, or ionograph testing, the presence of electrolytes which favour electrolytic migration is determined. These impurities may result in a failure of the contaminated electronic device. The determination is performed by testing the concentration of ions released during immersion of the tested circuit in a special solution.

In-Circuit Test (ICT)

ICT can be performed following an SMT or THT operation. The objective is to determine the actual performance of the assembled components. ICT involves tapping the tested circuit by a measurement system using gold pins, installed on a dedicated ICT adapter. The ICT shows whether the mounted components meet their performance specifications and reveal any defective electronic parts. Printor’s strength is the capability of fabricating proprietary ICT adapters and ICT software elements to reduce the ICT implementation time at a very competitive price.

Functional testing

Functional testing is used to test the overall performance of the finished product or assembly. The functional test tools simulate the actual operating conditions to verify if the performance complies with the project specifications. The functional testing at Printor is based on test systems or tools dedicated to specific products, either supplied by the customer or manufactured in house.

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