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We invite you to follow our activities, not only related to our work and electronics manufacturing industry. In addition to the foundation of our activity, which is the EMS industry, we support young enthusiasts who design and implement ambitious projects for future development.

We improve each day and share with you our knowledge and experience in the field of technology and business approach. We are glad that we have such an opportunity in our Printor blog. We highly recommend reading and sharing our articles!

Wszystkie Events Experts advise
Christmas break 24/12/2020 – 03/01/2021
We would like to inform that we are closed for Christmas break from 24/12/2020 untill 03/01/2021.
produkcja elektroniki
Electronics manufacturing – why quality and timeliness are so important?
When choosing an electronics supplier the majority of decision makers are guided by the price of a specific service.
Summer break 27.07-07.08.2020
We would like to inform that we are closed for holidays from 27.07.2020 untill 07.08.2020.
Another video interview with CEO Printor Krzysztof Torczyński, in a conversation with Philip Stoten
We share another video interview with Krzysztof Torczyński. The talk concerned about the future of the EMS industry in the age of the COVID-19 lock-down.
Interview with CEO Krzysztof Torczyński
We share the EMSNOW interview with Krzysztof Torczyński - Printor CEO.
New investments – new quality
We focus on continuous development! At the beginning of the year, a new SMT automatic assembly line was launched.
Working in our industry means continuous development
We started the year with trainings. We invest not only in machinery but also in knowledge.
Glossary of terms
We provide a glossary of industry terms and phrases for the EMS sector. We highly recommend it!
We support ambitious young people
We appreciate enthusiasts and ambitious ideas. See what support we have given to the Proton Dynamic team.
Certified by Achilles Power&Tech Community
From October 2018 we are a certified supplier of Achilles Power & Tech.
The comprehensive offer means comfort and confidence
Find out why you should take advantage of the comprehensive offer and implement everything in one place.