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Automotive passion as the beginning of great constructions

Two years. This is how much work PD1 Proton Dynamic team put in their first electric car – Formula Student. A group of over 30 students from the Warsaw University of Technology and the Warsaw School of Economics spent this time developing advanced technology and constructing a vehicle, which in turn won numerous awards. A very important event was participation in the 15th edition of the international Formula Student Italy Electric competition held at the Italian Autodromo Riccardo Paletti track. Prior to the competition, a detailed technical inspection was carried out to check the correctness of the solutions applied and compliance with the regulations.

At the same time, representatives of the Proton Dynamic team presented the idea of serial production of a racing car and the related financial plan at the Business Event, and the idea received favourable judges’ assessment. Another of the static competition was Design Event, as part of which the team had the opportunity to familiarize the judges with the assumptions made, tell about the design process and stages of project implementation. Numerous discussions with judges and members of other teams brought very positive opinions about the vehicle and confirmed its advanced engineering and high level of solutions. The printed circuits used to control the electric drive system and the battery pack attracted the attention.

We are proud to support such ambitious and enterprising young people. We wish the Proton Dynamic team another great projects and unwavering commitment to pursuing their goals.

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