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Manufacture of electronics based on best practices for sustainable development in business

Printor Sp. z o.o. conducts its business operations in a responsible and sustainable manner, and we expect the same from all our employees, partners and other stakeholders. In our day-to-day business, we are guided by business ethics, and we comply with laws and regulations that oblige us to conduct our business in a proper manner.

Our pillars of sustainable development at Printor Sp. z o.o. – a contract manufacturer of electronics

People and a favourable working environment

We value the expertise and experience of our Employees who are our greatest asset. It is thanks to them that Printor develops – this is why we so much appreciate their commitment to achieving success together. Together, we create a work environment that is friendly, open and geared towards openness and cooperation.

Rational use of resources and care for the environment

We care about our common interests on many levels, from the popularization of proper environment-friendly habits at the individual level, to specific solutions in the manufacturing area. This is why we have our own manufacturing wastewater treatment plant where the environmentally harmful copper that we use in the pcb manufacture processes is recovered and is not released into the environment.

Partnership in business – ethics and care for the interests of all stakeholders

In each our relation with a Client or other stakeholder, we emphasize the great importance of partnership. For us, it is not a trendy slogan but a real approach to cooperation where we always propose solutions that benefit both parties. We attach a great importance to it, we talk about it openly and we always act ethically.

Rational growth and development

Our business has been developing practically from its inception, we never stood still. We have been present in the market for more than four decades now, and during that time we have become a medum-sized company and a partner for large market players. However, we are always planning our development and growth taking into account the interests of our employees and other stakeholders.

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