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The key factors determining the selection of an electronics contract manufacturing service provider.

Choosing an electronics contract manufacturing service provider is not an easy task – in fact, quite the contrary, many manufacturers remark that this is one of the most challenging decisions they have ever faced. This is due to the fact that electronics suppliers have an impact on the smooth and reliable manufacturing process, and their efforts are extremely relevant to the functioning of the company. What to consider when choosing a partner in contract electronics manufacturing in order to ensure profitability and full satisfaction? Here are some tips.

Experience and qualifications

Finding the perfect electronics manufacturing service provider, you should always check their experience and qualifications, as they are essential for the quality of their services. Those elements, like reliable electronics manufacturing, are not something you can buy – it takes many years of experience to do the job well. It’s wise to analyze not only the expertise of the whole organization, but of the individual employees that are part of the process as well.

A sufficiently solid unit structure is absolutely crucial. This ensures that whenever any irregularities occur, employees can respond quickly and thus make sure that any potential anomalies are corrected, without causing major problems and costs.

We are a company with over 40 years of experience. Importantly – we work with global enterprises as well as emerging companies, which contributed greatly to the development of the company and the quality of the expertise we have gathered. Our success is based not only on the right management strategy, but also on our highly skilled staff of engineers and their continuous self improvement – explains Anna Kucharczyk – Sales Manager.

Range of the services offered

When looking for the right service provider, the range of services performed is also noteworthy. The wider and more comprehensive the offer, the greater the potential for effective service management, and thus for adjusting it to the needs without generating unnecessary costs. The advantage of using the services of a single company is also streamlining the whole cooperation flow with the electronics supplier – the greater the number of suppliers, the more difficult it is to coordinate work with several partners.

We focus on providing comprehensive services in the field of electronics manufacturing in Poland – based on the documentation provided by our customers, we deliver the final product. Comprehensive services include PCB production along with assembly (smt assembly, tht assembly) and extra services – this ensures that as a PCB manufacturer we deliver the highest quality product. Consequently, customers do not have to work with external suppliers, and thus the process of delivering the final product is significantly shorter and more efficient. Furthermore, we own a few SMT assembly lines. This gives us the possibility to execute high series orders.

Production quality and the technology used

The quality of the production process and the technology used are crucial. In order to provide customers with the highest quality services and products, we apply modern solutions in the electronics production process and continuously upgrade them. We believe that reliability and high quality of delivered products are the key to customer satisfaction and thus represent a primary factor in evaluating and selecting a supplier. When delivering poor quality products, the supplier is confronted not only with customer dissatisfaction, but also with frequent complaints and multiple losses that may result.

We are certified with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, therefore we continue to develop every day.

Our new SMT assembly line offers many benefits, including:

The quality of customer service and the way we work together

Keep in mind that the electronics manufacturing process is not only about the high-quality end result delivered as a product, but also about the support in the customer service and cooperation process. Partnership is the key element in achieving satisfaction of both parties. Thus, the customer receives full support and guidance from the supplier, which includes not only sending the specification documents but also consulting services during the process of implementing production and optimal solutions in the supply chain. This kind of cooperation is the key to maximizing the optimization of services and matching them to customer needs.

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