Implementation of a novel and widely applicable electronic component production process

PRINTOR Sp. z o.o. hereby advises that it is performing the project titled “Wdrożenie nowej technologii produkcji podzespołów elektronicznych o szerokim zastosowaniu” (Implementation of a novel and widely applicable electronic component production process) financed with the Operational Programme Smart Growth 2014-2020;

Measure 3.2: Support for the implementation of R&D deliverables

Submeasure 3.2.2 Loans for technological innovation

Project objectives:

The main objective of this project is to implement a proprietary and novel production technology, coupled with the production launch of goods which are significantly improved over the products currently present on international markets.

The project is the implementation of a novel production process for electronic circuits, to deliver novel products in the form of electronic components, comprising an optical camera with a lens and a light source, mounted on a flexible substrate and complete with a PCB with control systems, and intended as a component for integration in miniature video systems. The novel products will feature minimized sizes and, coupled with their high imaging resolution, enable widespread application in industrial and medical endoscopic systems.

Planned effects:

The new products delivered by implementation of the technology will be applied in the production of medical endoscopic systems, including fiberscopes, hysteroscopes, bronchoscopes, and esophagoscopes, and industrial endoscopic systems, including boroscopes and inspection cameras.

Project value: 4,117,200.00 PLN

EU funding share: 1,852,740.00 PLN