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Proton Dynamic is a team created by students of the Warsaw University of Technology, who design and build a prototype Formula Student racing vehicle.

The bolid is powered by electricity stored in a package made of lithium-ion cells forming a complete system with a nominal voltage of over 300V. The drive system is a synchronous motor with an inverter with a maximum peak power of about 100kW and cooperating with a chain transmission. The work of all components is supervised by on-board vehicle controllers and other electronic systems, which due to the complexity of issues and safety issues require a special approach and quality of workmanship.

The PCB circuits designed by the team were made and assembled thanks to cooperation with Printor company, which has been supporting the development of the vehicle and team members for two years. The company delivered assembled systems for the first test prototype of the PD1 vehicle and its evolution – PD1.5, with which the team will take part in the international Formula Student competition in 2021.

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