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Why do so many Customers decide on a comprehensive solution?

Every entrepreneur strives to optimize the functioning of his business – so that the production is adequate to the demand, the staff have the necessary competences, revenues exceed costs and all risks are kept to a minimum. Is there a universal way to do this? Certainly not, but surely some aspects of the production company’s work can be simplified.

It doesn’t have to be that complicated

Let’s imagine a situation that a smartphone producing company outsources many of its processes, and orders boards from one supplier, surface and threaded assemblies from another, and yet another company deals with functional tests. Only after all these stages is the board delivered to the phone manufacturer to make the final assembly. Seemingly it is a simple process, but it requires expanding logistics to coordinate many suppliers at the same time. This involves complex formalities, orders, deliveries and shipments. And what happens if one of the suppliers has delays? The whole cycle is shifted, as a result of which the deadline for final implementation becomes endangered. Of course you can minimize the risk of creating overstock, but this does not happen without consequences. Creating a stock of components involves not only the freezing of funds, but also the need to have warehouse space and people handling it. It can also happen that when production is suddenly stopped, then surplus components will be a loss of the company.

But does a company have to put itself at such risk?

This can be prevented by choosing comprehensive electronics production. One supplier that provides PCBs, SMT assembly, THT assembly, and also performs tests is a much more convenient solution reducing operating costs. It immediately leads to the conclusion that this simplifies logistics, because all these stages of the production process are in one place. It is also important that one entity takes responsibility for the implementation, so for the Customer it means a smaller number of checkpoints.

Pure benefits

To sum up, the comprehensive electronics production service is a solution for companies that value professionalism and convenience. Printor as a contract electronics manufacturer provides services at the highest level, a full range in one place, in the center of Poland – in Łódź. Come, check how we work, meet us. Confirmation of our quality is the trust that global and Polish companies place in us.

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